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Dead & Company Subreddit

Subreddit for all things Dead & Company - a band consisting of former Grateful Dead members Bob Weir, Mickey Hart, and Bill Kreutzmann, along with John Mayer, Oteil Burbridge, and Jeff Chimenti.

Dedicated to the greatest poker player or cheater of all time

News,Rumors, Gossip and Updates on Mike "god" Postle: who has been accused of cheating the poker world for almost $250k in 2019 during his play in stones live casino stream.

Spotlight 29 Casino to add outdoor event space and Coachella and Stagecoach festival camping to property

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How common are casinos and gambling in your country?

In my state in the US, there are 29 casinos owned by the tribes, and there are lotteries run by the state. Other than that, there are no casinos, and gambling is illegal.
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Reno casino gaming win in June only drop 6.8% compared to 51% drop in Vegas

Reno casino gaming win/revenue only drop 6.8% compared to 51% drop in Vegas.

Any ideas why we are doing much better than Vegas in June?

Casinos report 21% drop in “Gaming Win” for the fiscal year
RENO, Nev. (KOLO) - Nevada casinos reported a “Gaming Win” of $566,806,791 for June 2020. The win is down 45.55 percent from June of 2019, but the largest decreases were seen in the Clark County casinos.

Area June 2020 June 2019 % Change
Statewide $566,806,791 $1,040,978,076 -45.55%
Clark County $441,041,951 $906,679,758 -51.36%
Washoe County $65,039,703 $69,814,217 -6.84%
South Lake Tahoe $13,080,609 $16,461,499 -20.54%
Carson Valley Area $9,234,538 $9,397,270 -1.73%
Elko County $24,745,871 $25,282,415 -2.12%
Other $13,664,119 $13,342,919 2.42%
The Las Vegas Strip saw the largest decrease, down 61.36%. Countywide, Clark County saw a 51.36% decrease in its gaming win the loss of tourism due to COVID-19.

Washoe County casinos saw a drop in the gaming win of just 6.84%.

Nevada’s fiscal year runs from July through June. For the 2019-2020 Fiscal year, Nevada’s total gaming win dropped by 21.67%.

The Nevada casinos were allowed to reopen in mid-May.

For the month of July 2020, the state collected $344,027 in percentage fees, based on taxable casino revenues generated in June of 2020. That amount represents a 99.39% decrease from July 2019′s tax collections.
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Casino Boosts & Bonuses! (11/29)

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63 coins and listing of 2636

63 coins and listing of 2616 just CLICK A BUTTON to see all , 100's of games , Staking and exchange, 29 casinos, PTC , Offer walls , short links ,12 Micro Wallets and more
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40 Full Time Jobs Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Vaco Financial Senior Accountant Gardendale
Kevin Knight Accountant Muscle Shoals
Careerbuilder US Accountant-CPA Preferred Northport
The Alotian Club Club Accountant Roland
CareerBliss Club Accountant Roland
VinTech Nano Materials Senior Accountant Springdale
USA Truck Senior Accountant Van Buren
Adecco USA Accountant Coolidge
The Emerald Recruiting Group AVP, Fund Accountant Fort Mcdowell
Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center Accountant Globe
Robert Half Bookkeepe Accountant Alamo
Preston Ventures Staff Accountant Aliso Viejo Cost Accountant Alta Loma
Robert Half Staff Accountant Aromas
Robert Half Sr. Accountant Azusa
Metal Surfaces, Inc. Staff Accountant Bell Gardens
Vaco Financial Senior Accountant Beverly Hills
3 Bridge Networks Staff Fund Accountant Burlingame
Vaco Financial Staff Accountant, Public Company Carlsbad
Robert Half Tax Accountant Cathedral City
Robert Half Accountant - Entry Level Chinatown
Boutique Recruiting Construction Accountant Chula Vista
Robert Half Entry Accountant City Of Industry
Spotlight 29 Casino Accountant I Coachella
Robert Half Entry Level Accountant Contra Costa County
ConnectPoint Search Group Senior Staff Accountant Davis
Professional Search Group (PSG) Senior Accountant - Technical Del Mar
Careerbuilder US Accountant Corporate Tax Directo Cpa- California Profitable Company Del Monte Forest
The Meruelo Group Benefits Accountant Downey
Department of the Navy Accountant Edwards Air Force Base
Casbon & Associates LLC Tax Accountant Encino
CareerBliss Staff Accountant Escondido
VincentBenjamin Senior Accountant Foothill Ranch
Ledgent Finance & Accounting Sr. Tax Accountant Hidden Hills
Teraoka and Company Senior Tax Accountant Huntington Beach
Cambro Sr. Process Cost Accountant (13E-19) Huntington Beach
Robert Half Accountant Idyllwild
Robert Half Construction Accountant Imperial County
Robert Half Staff Accountant La
Casbon & Associates LLC Tax Accountant La
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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[Completed List] 100 Shops/Buildings

Hey all! Hope that complete lists are allowed. I have a lot of d100 lists that I’ve made for my campaigns and recently found this sub and I’d love to share some of them with you all!
So I draw a lot of maps for my campaigns and find that my players want to explore (read: break into) everything. So to make populating a town with interesting buildings easier, I’ve made the following list:
  1. Magic Items Shop
  2. Bakery
  3. General Goods Store
  4. Bookstore
  5. Grocer
  6. Pet Store
  7. Herbalist
  8. Potion Shop
  9. Exotic Goods
  10. Jeweler
  11. Bunkhouse
  12. Carpenter
  13. Stables
  14. Armor and Weapons Shop
  15. Hatter
  16. Butchery
  17. Clothing Store
  18. Blacksmith
  19. Barber
  20. Thrift Store
  21. Liquor Store
  22. Tavern
  23. Craft Store
  24. Music Shop
  25. Salon/Spa
  26. Cartographer
  27. Spice Shop
  28. Bath House
  29. Casino
  30. Animal Supplies
  31. Occult Store
  32. Artists’ Guild
  33. Winery
  34. Brewery
  35. Distillery
  36. Flower Shop
  37. Cobbler
  38. Tinkerer
  39. Weaver
  40. Scribe
  41. Hunters’ Guild
  42. Fishermen’s Guild
  43. Veterinarian
  44. Thieves’ Guild
  45. Black Market
  46. Brothel
  47. Bank
  48. Glass Blower
  49. Leatherworker
  50. DoctoCleric/Physician
  51. Merchants’ Guild
  52. Barracks
  53. School
  54. Scholars’ Guild
  55. Daycare
  56. Museum
  57. Library
  58. Lawyer’s Office
  59. Writers’ Guild
  60. Adventurers’ Guild
  61. Mages’ Guild
  62. Bards’ Guild
  63. Tin Worker
  64. Indoor Market
  65. Nightclub
  66. City Hall
  67. Temple
  68. Fish Market
  69. Nunnery
  70. TailoSeam
  71. Prison
  72. City Guard
  73. Event Hall
  74. Architects’ Guild
  75. Sailors’ Guild
  76. Orphanage
  77. Enchanter
  78. Post Office
  79. Inn
  80. Mill
  81. Smokehouse
  82. Game Shop
  83. Theater
  84. Witch
  85. College
  86. Printing Press
  87. Animal Pound
  88. Event Planner
  89. Costume Shop
  90. Toy Shop
  91. Mortician
  92. Restaurant
  93. Tanner
  94. Knights’ Guild
  95. Registry
  96. Trade Post
  97. Vehicle Maker
  98. Archive
  99. Fortune Teller
  100. Matchmaker
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[WP] Every afternoon at exactly 3:15PM for the past week, a man walked into a Las Vegas casino and bet the maximum on number 29 on the roulette wheel. It's been seven straight days and he hasn't lost.

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Macao says 29 of 41 casinos will reopen today, 12 to stay shut. ~1,800 gaming tables to be back in operation.

Macau’s gaming industry will reopen its doors tonight after its 15-day shutdown by the government as part of the authorities’ fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).
According to an announcement by the Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre during its daily press conference about the viral threat, 29 of the city’s 41 casinos will reopen at midnight (00:00 on Thursday).
Officials said the remaining 12 casinos had asked the government to reopen later. The government earlier this week gave Macau’s six casino operators (Sands, Galaxy, SJM, Wynn, MGM and Melco) 30 days to get back into business.
According to the press conference, the 12 casinos that will remain closed until further notice comprise Sands Cotai Central; Melco’s Altira; Galaxy’s Waldo, Rio and President; and SJM’s Oceanus, Eastern, Macau Jockey Club (a casino adjacent to the Macau Jockey Club racecourse in Taipa), Golden Dragon and Casino Taipa, as well as Macau Palace and Greek Mythology (both have not been operating for a number of years).
MGM and Wynn each own two casinos. The four casinos will open tonight.
The casinos were temporarily closed by government order on February 5.
The relaunch will be gradual, as initially less than one-third of the casino employees will return to work.
Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau (DICJ) Director Paulo Martins Chan pointed out during the press conference that initially only about one-third of the six operators’ gaming tables will be operational, about 1,800 in total.
The government has imposed a string of restrictions on casino operations, such as that only three to four gamblers will be allowed to gamble at the same time on a gaming table, and gamblers must remain seated.
All casino workers and gamblers must wear facemasks, have their body temperature checked and submit a self-filled health e-declaration when entering gaming premises.
In the past, several dozen gamblers often crowded around a particularly “lucky” gaming table and many preferred not to be seated while placing their bets.
Among the 12 casinos not opening tonight are two SJM-owned casinos – Macau Palace and Greek Mythology – that have not been operating for a few years.
At the end of last year, the gaming industry comprised 6,739 gaming tables and 17,009 slot machines. It employed 57,840 people, around 44 percent of them dealers (croupiers), according to data from the Statistics and Census Bureau (DSEC).
In 2019, Macau’s gaming and betting businesses generated gross gaming receipts of MOP 293 billion (US$36.6 billion), according to DICJ figures. Direct gaming taxes – 35 percent of the casinos’ gross gaming receipts – generated 86 percent of the government’s income in the first 11 months of last year, according to data from the Financial Services Bureau (DSF).
The Macau Jockey Club has been allowed to resume racing.
Meanwhile, the government also announced during today’s press conference that Macau’s public parks and gardens will reopen tomorrow after a 15-day shutdown.
Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture Elsie Ao Ieong U pointed out that Macau has not confirmed a new COVID-19 case since February 4.
The 10 novel coronavirus cases confirmed locally comprise seven tourists from Wuhan, the epicentre of the COVID-19 outbreak, and three local residents.
The sixth novel coronavirus patients was discharged from hospital today.
The government today also announced stricter border control measures to prevent COVID-19 from spreading in Macau.
For instance, Macau residents who cross the city’s border checkpoints three times or more a day will have to submit themselves to a medical examination.
The new border control measures take effect at 00:00 tomorrow (Thursday).
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Commerce Casino in Los Angeles closed until at least 3/29

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Flamingo Hotel & Casino, 9/29/19

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Casino Podium Car 8/29/2019

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29 Free Spins at Vegas Casino Online

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This bonus will perhaps be available only for players who meet its terms and conditions.
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Get $29 Free Chip at Vegas Casino Online

Get $29 Free Chip at Vegas Casino Online
Vegas Casino Online has a dedicated promo section for regular players, with nearly a dozen different bonuses as well as unique ways to win freebies. Besides the usual route of making deposits to earn free spins and matching bonuses, you can also earn bonuses by referring friends to the casino, among other things.
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Bellagio fountains to mark casino reopening with 3 shows - Posted May 29, 2020 at 02:22AM by JusticeServedBot

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05-26 06:34 - 'Macau casino magnate Stanley Ho dies aged 98' ( by /u/alanwong removed from /r/worldnews within 29-39min

Macau casino magnate Stanley Ho dies aged 98
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Author: alanwong
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Weekly bonus from Dec 31th-Jan 7th

Weekly bonus from Dec 31th-Jan 7th
New Content
  • Podium Vehicle: Omnis
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  • Casino Penthouse Garage
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  • High-End Apartments
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Double Money/RP
  • In & Out Adversary Mode

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  • Coast to Coast, Par Time of 02:29.00

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  • Construction Site I, Par Time of 01:50.000

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  • Senora Freeway

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I beaded the brim of this snapback for Native Printz at Morongo Casino Thunder & Lightning Pow Wow, September 27 - 29 2019.

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CASINO ROYALE club code 6jm98 keeps growing FAST AND HOT. 29 players PLAYED last night. Don’t get caught in 5 handed tables with other clubs. Don’t get caught waiting hours at table game to fill. Full table, lots of action. Same day cash out. Text 956-304-8697 for more code:6jm98

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29 of Macau's 41 casinos to reopen tonight | Macau News - Feb 19, 2020

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LIVE CASINO [29/11 ore 21:30] - SUNDAY NIGHT🐍 - YouTube Casino 29 - YouTube MEGA RE-TRIGGER!!! CHINA SHORES MASSIVE JACKPOT - Morongo ... SPOTLIGHT 29 CASINO: Pow Wow 2018 12/7/18 - 12/9/18 SPOTLIGHT 29 CASINO: En Vivo 1/5/19 - YouTube SPOTLIGHT 29 CASINO: Penny Slots Tattoo - YouTube #29- Casino At Night - YouTube casino slots (29) - YouTube

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