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Martin Scorsese delivers another high octane gangster story with Robert De Niro as the real life casino owner Sam “Ace” Rosenthal. Though I wouldn’t say I liked this as much as “Goodfellas”, this movie is still an incredible piece of film that’s not talked about enough. In many ways, this film is similar to past Scorsese pictures—mainly “Goodfellas” and “Raging Bull”—but it’s also different in a number of ways.
Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci (Pesci playing Nicky Santoro) make a wonderful duo. Niro’s character has this intense and calculating feel to him at all times. There are many scenes where Niro as Ace is watching for cheaters in his casino, and his facial expressions are able to convey how analytical the character is. Pesci, of course, plays the “tough guy” role the best that he can. Like in “Goodfellas”, he’s a crazy guy that could go off the handle at any time. I also can’t not mention Sharon Stone as Ginger. She plays a person that’s self-destructive and selfish. Let me tell you, she can play a person you can hate. There’s even a sequence where she nearly kidnaps Ace’s kid. Even though I’ve never been around anyone like that, I could tell that the display of someone who never learns and ends up with same problem constantly was realistic.
The cinematography, music, and writing are three notable things in this movie that jumped at me. I can still see the many glamorous shots of the casinos, the money, and the high life. One specific shot that made me say “woah” was when Ace was waiting for a meeting with Nicky in the middle of the desert. As Ace is looking at Nicky’s car pull up, we see the car’s reflection in Ace’s sunglasses. I thought that was a cool shot that’s able to show how nervous Ace was at the moment. Moving on to the music, Scorsese is an expert at matching music to his films. The only directors I know that do it as good or better are Tarantino and Kubrick. From beginning to end, the music marks certain changes that are happening in life. At first, the music is happy and about good things. Then the songs change to more darker themes as the film progresses. Not to sound like a broke record, but that’s similar to how “Goodfellas” did it. Finally, the writing was effective and powerful. I was absorbed into the story from first few seconds. I wanted to hear and see what was going to happen, and I just loved seeing how Ace lived his life. Additionally, the way that characters speak to each other felt real. And those argument scenes between Ace and Ginger have this somber and authentic mood to it. Frankly, everything about this film is astounding.
When I was watching this, I picked up on the theme of trust. More specifically, how trust can affect relationships. I noticed that this came up quite often: Ace wanted to make sure he could trust Ginger; Ace and Nicky trusted each other; and the bosses trusted Ace. But once this trust is broken in any of these relationships, the relationship itself fails. Ace couldn’t trust Ginger, so their marriage was failing. Ace and Nicky weren’t good friends anymore because Nicky didn’t trust him. And the bosses almost killed Ace because of the distrust. For all three, the reason trust was broken was because of greed. This goes to show, trust is a vital aspect of any relationship. If your head is not in the right place, everyone will eventually drift away from you. In this way, I find this film is like “Raging Bull”. Except here, it’s the woman that’s causing the problem. To further explain, “Raging Bull” is about a man who’s distrusting of his wife for no reason other than his paranoia, and “Casino” is about a man who’s distrusting of his wife because his wife is an unfaithful person. I like how you get two different versions of the same issue if you’ve watched both movies.
As for any underlying issues, I don’t have any deep concerns other than that the theme of “crime doesn’t pay” in here is generic since so many other movies has this message. I will say, though, that this film did not resonate with me like past Scorsese films have. It might be because I think “Goodfellas” is a better movie, or maybe the movie didn’t try anything too unique in its delivery.
As I’m wrapping up this review, I’d like to say that this is a fun movie that any fan of gangster movies or Scorsese films can get behind. You will not be disappointed if you chose to view it. All aspects of filmmaking and acting is masterful. I will rate this a 9.2/10.
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[Table] I am a security officer at a Casino, AMA!

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Whats the most of amount of cash you've seen at one time? Ever tempted? Whenever I go into the main vault, there is anywhere from 5-20 million dollars in there.
Never tempted really.
35 minutes and 1 answer... Sorry broski.
What's the worst thing you've seen in a casino? A woman that thought it was lucky to shit her pants before going on the slot machines, multiple times , and she wasn't the least bit ashamed...
Maybe she also played craps? edit edit holy skidmark, this escalated quicker than I could down that bottle of laxatives Bad dum
I play poker 2 or 3 times a week at a casino. I've heard horror stories of people being followed to their cars after cashing out big stacks of chips from other players, and it's always something that's in the back of my mind when I leave the casino. Guys watching you from in between machines. Or following you from 20-40 feet back. Or you find yourself running into the same people over and over.
What are things to look out for when leaving the casino with a lot of cash that people might not think about? But seriously, get security to walk you out, were most likely bored and could use something to do anyway.
I'm glad you mentioned that security is available to escort people out. But I can't remember ever self-parking in Vegas. Yea, good point, out casino doesn't even have valet
If you tell the cashier you'll throw a guard 100 bucks to walk you to your car after hitting a jackpot they'll drop what they're doing. To bad i would be fired for getting tips.
How long does it typically take for security to respond to an incident in a casino? In my casino, everything is within a 120 second running distance, not including the parking lot.
If certain codes are called, we are supposed to full out run to the area in the call. Usually multiple guards are at the area within 10 seconds.
What sort of issue would call for a full out running response? Fights, fires, medical emergencies.
Any chance that there would be areas lacking in guards when they are called to move to an area like that? Sometimes guards group up and talks or get called away on calls, so yea, some areas are without guards for short periods of time.
But were just a radio call away.
Are you trained for medical emergencies? Yes.
Theft? Someone stealing all the black chips at a table? Yes, that as well.
Public coitus, in front of The Wizard of Oz: Ruby Slippers slot machine? In front of the willy Wonka machine.
EMT or just First RespondeFirst Aid? First Responders.
How'd you get the job? any intense training involved??? Had some self defence/anti-gun/knife training, same thing police get. Other than that, criminal record check and 3 separate interviews.
Out of interest how big are you? Been thinking of getting into security. I'm 6'3" and just under 250lbs but not fat except a slight belly but always feel small next to other security guys. I suppose that is just psychological on my part. Im fat bro, 5 '10, 270 lbs. I carry it well though, so I look formidable at least. I think you would do fine.
Do you have any part of looking out for people counting cards or trying to swing the betting? If so, how do you catch them and what do you do? Dealers and pit bosses have more training in that than I do, but i still receive some. So i hang around tables for a bit seeing if i can see the patterns. I also try and track people who throw down a lot of money in a short amount of time, money laundering etc.
What are the most effective casino game(s) to play in order to launder money? Slots, they are watched the least.
Actually, this is not true. I am a IT architect for a major casino company and we have software that monitors and flags trends that money launderes have been known to do. Cool, and now I know.
Somebody is crying at a slot machine. You approach them and they say "I lost spent my last $100 dollars and now I can't afford groceries or rent." What do you do? Tell them they are an adult and should have made better decisions with their money.
Do you get perks that come with a job at the casino? Perks? Hurm... I get to see the shows for free if im working during them, get to meet some D-list celebs. Working security, im not expected to be nice and cheery all dat. Thats always nice.
I actually really like corner gas. ID love to meet them. They were good, down to earth people :)
Well they are still Canadian Television stars, I can't imagine that type of fame is really enough to make them all that removed from the average person's lifestyle. True true.
Do you know what the most a dealer has been tipped where you have worked? Person got suited triple 7s on blackjack table, won 50k, gave the dealer 5k.
Ever meet the owners? How are they? They are nice people, in appearance, but being so filthy rich makes them disconnected from their 30K a year employees.
Also, all that CCTV footage of every single square inch of the casino floor and hotel must take up a lot of memory... How long do you hold onto it? And memory? I have been in the main IT room before, the memory tower is about 6 feet tall, and 1.5 feet wide on all 4 sides. Looks like a computer tower but way bigger.
I once got into a fight at a las vegas casino over a guy who tried to rob me. After the cops came, I was let go because "the other guy didnt want to press charges". Before the cops left I was advised by the hotel that I was banned from the property and then issued a trespass warning by the police before i had by picture taken by some cool looking 3d camera, and then unceremoniously shoved out a back door into the 7am vegas daybreak with no sunglasses and told "good luck, your friends can collect your stuff from your room" My question is (and i think i know the answer)... are these bans for life? For first time offences, not usually, they usually start if with a 3 month ban and move up from there, with lifetime bans occurring about 4 steps down the line.
So it's pretty much like WoW bans then. Correct.
TIL some casino security guards possibly play WoW and knows the banning rules in the virtual world. They're human after all! Im playing the new southpark game now, but ive dabbled in wow.
Ever catch anyone having sex in public? In their cars outside the casino, yes.
Have you fallen asleep? Once, on a grave shift, for 5 mins. Didnt get caught!
How many times do people try to cheat and get caught? Ive been working at the same place for about 6 months, ive personally witnessed around a dozen people get busted in my 40/hour a week window.
Sometimes its hard to prove, but we usually catch them pretty quicky, as surveillance, security, and the dealers all have specific training
How many people do you think you may not be catching? Would someone with inside knowledge be able to circumvent security? I bet we are missing half of all cheaters.
And yes.
Let's say I just left the casino with a few grand of winnings and I get mugged on my way to the parking lot or in the parking lot. Would the casino security assist me, beat down the perp, return the money, or is it in the police hands at that point? Where is that particular line drawn? We would do everything in our power to apprehend the perp, but if he gets away, its the police
Slots.. I've always wondered can they really be 'tightened' on the weekends or during certain hours? I've heard people say slots are 'tight' in casinos but 'loose' on cruise ships. I know you're security but maybe you know- is this a thing? Its a myth, the programming is set by the programmer where the machines are built, the casinos have no way to "tighten" or "loosen" the machines.
They run off a random number generator that is highly illegal to tamper with.
LOL no worries ... I was just at my old property a couple days ago (I am a slot machine vendor tech now) and two former security guys are now slot techs. A barback and a shipping receiving guy both are also on the slot projects team. So maybe one day you'll get there if it appeals to you! Totally, I would have to start at the bottom as part time again, but im looking for a way into either live games or slots.
Whats the most youve seen heard of someone losing over one night? Roulette, around $50k. Thats the most ive witnessed.
You must work in Oklahoma. In Philly, I watched a guy lose $50k in two shoes of blackjack. In Vegas people lose far more than that. Nope, worse, Canada.
What are you trained to do? I call surveillance, they roll the cameras back to see if you did MJ on site (in your car etc), if you did, we serve you a year long ban card.
What do you actually do? If you didn't, surveillance would watch you until you leave the premises, and if they seen you use or sell the drug, we would approach.
What are you trained to do? I do what i am trained to, im that guy.
What rules are there about denying guests entry to the casino? Of course probably loud and overly-rambunctious people are probably denied, but what about chronic gamblers, similar to how a bar will kick out drunk people? We kick out people who are intoxicated, high, underage, or have been previously banned.
We do keep an eye out for habitual gamblers and offer them some help, but its not strongly enforced.
What are the vault codes? u know, for educational purposes. The password is password.
I'm a security guard, just a contracted one that goes to multiple sites, and one of our sites seriously has an alarm code of 1234. Fuck, Fort Knox up in there...
What weapons are you carrying at all times? What's the worst way you be had to use your weapons? Handcuffs and a radio, thats all.
I used handcuffs a handful of times. But i usually just use take downs, pressure points, and holds to subdue people.
I work for one of the most successful casinos on the east coast as a valet. You guys wear these giant red jackets so we (valets) call you guys the red coats. We generally objectify all other departments though, because we are separated outside, ourselves. How do you guys feel about the other departments? We wear black blazers.
Food and beverage people are drama factories, slot people are prudes, matience people are generally pretty chill, and security people sleep around and are chill.
Those are the general stereotypes
You forgot table games... the prima donnas of the casino. Oh Geeez, how could I forget!?
Is this a tippable situation, and if so how much? At some casinos yes, at most, no. 1% of winnings seems to be the norm.
Win 30k? Tip $300.
At my casino anyhow.
Have you seen any ocean's 11-esque stuff happening? Not anywhere close, a few people counting cards is the closest ive gotten
Remember, the good ones don't get caught. Yepp.
How do you tell the difference between a genuine lucky streak and card counters? (assuming card counting works) Card counting works, and there is a very specific pattern of betting that occurs, we watch them for a couple hours , sometimes over multiple days to make sure the pattern is consistent and nit just luck.
What things to do you look for that tip you off that people might be cheating? I cant tell you specifics, but specific betting patterns, also any attempt to alter or mark cards/chips
Ever worry about lung cancer? All the time, doctor says i may as well be smoking with all the smoke i inhale.
I was at a casino last weekend, and the guards looked bored as fuck, how do you stay awake? On slow days? Just stay on your feet and keep walking, or go through the log program and memorize faces of banned people.
I'm confused, are people smoking in the casino or are you outside around it a lot? There is a seperated part of the casino blocked off by a kinda-air lock. So one smoke free, one smoke filled.
Ever broken anyone's hands with a hammer or taken some to the desert and made them dig their own grave? No.
So, I'm guessing you and Joe Pesci aren't friends. He is my favorite character actually.
I am a professional card counteadvantage player. Often if I feel my action is getting heat I keep an eye out for security guards standing directly behind me. When that happens I cash out immediately and leave to avoid barring. Is this necessary or if surveillance considers me a threat would they just have you give me the tap on the shoulder instead of lurking behind me? They dont approach unless absolutely sure, and security only watches until they have a hunch you are cheating, then they call surveillance and walk away, then the cameras eye is on you until you leave.
Thanks for the fast response. One more question if you don't mind- I have the right to refuse to produce my identification to surveillance or security but you have the right to escort me out... However you have the right to check my ID for legal gambling age purposes. If suspected of advantage play do they instruct security to check patrons' ID under the guise of age verification in order to have security relay to surveillance the patrons name so they can search their database of advantage players? I believe I have experienced this. We will ask questions under the guise of a underlying motive, yes.
And yes, we want you out of the casino if you are advantage playing, so it is win win for us, you dont show ID, we kick you out, you dont show ID, we have your name, then kick you out.
Be reminded, you are still in the database as "unknown" if you dont produce ID, with pictures and video showing what you look like
Thanks for the info. Any really unusual characteristics they teach you to look for when identifying advantage players? At my level of training, defensive body language when i get close, and them generally looking nervous/paranoid
Why would you be nervous when counting cards? You just made a shit ton of money and there's no risk of you getting into any legal or physical trouble. No clue, but some of them are.
Worst reaction of someone losing their money? Punching a machine and breaking a $3200.00 touch screen monitor
Has anyone ever done something so crazy that the casino had to make a new rule because of them? Hurm... ill think about this and get back to you.
Oceans eleven, possible? Eh, not really, that movie was based off of really old casinos, the new ones have better security measures.
What's the biggest, most creative cheating attempt you've ever seen? Are those grandiose heists you see in movies like Ocean's at least somewhat plausible? Nothing clever really. A guy was convincing senile old people that he knew what machine would pay out, and said they had to pay him half if he was right, no risk, all reward, thats about the cleverest ive seen
Casino worker fist bump! (shaking hands is a no-no) We shake hands, just gotta do the hand flip after.
Do you work for a tribal casino? If so, how do you feel about the preferential placement/treatment of tribal members as employees? Im white, but I dont really mind the preferential treatment, I have seen a lot of racism in my neck of the woods, seems fair they should have a place where they can get a leg up.
So what exactly do you do on a daily basis? Just stand and watch? Or do you walk around? Anything that goes in and out of the casino i supervise , money, contractors, stuff for the vending machine , im there.
When a machine has to be opened for matinence, im there to watch.
When a patron is breaking a rule, i enforce it.
Do you ever play anything in the casino you're security at? Are you allowed to? Not allowed, not allowed in any casino in the provence in fact unless i am working or have special permission
Why are you doing an AMA on mobile? Cuz im at work.
Working hard looking for those cheaters. On his mobile. Correct sir.
Why can't we take pictures in there? We tried to take a group picture in front of slot machines and were made to delete it. If you guys are watching that closely why can't you just use discretion? Its one of those Zero tolerance BS things, I dont agree with it, but i have to enforce it.
Have you had to deal with counterfeit chips recently? They seem to be all the rage in poker tournaments these days, especially since a well known e-commerce site actively has a Chinese vendor selling exact versions of WSOP and WPT chips. Also, do you use RFID? We use blacklights to check, and random some kinda signal that can be picked up, they have been very popular lately, and its really lame. Because they have to go through every chip in the casino when we find one, and I have to stand there and watch for the entire 3 hour process.
This questions kind of a stretch, but have you seen or heard about any crazy ass GTA San Andreas style casino heists? Not in my casino.
An easy way crooks get around this though is by hiring 15-20 people to play for them. I've seen shady looking pimps hand stacks of money to their "workers" and these players don't look any better either. We can catch that at times, a guy constantly handing out money, people playing, cashing out, and handing money back to them, we can sometimes pick up on that.
(Hope you don't mind me adding to your thread, I feel like this is Vacuum repair guy all over again) We had a woman who was having a heart attack and as we were assisting her, another woman reached into the victim's purse and removed an envelope containing about $300. Humanity at its finest. By all means lol, im feeling overwhelmed. Message me for location.
Truth: Link to Source: I too work in casino security. Can confirm, I love that podium.
It's not a podium. It's supposed to be a safe that contains monies, but it really has a little Chinese dude in it that will open the large vault from the inside when they put the safe in there. Ahhh, on mobile, the little pic looked like a podium lol.
Pride and that warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that people like you. Also bragging rights. Sweeet!
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Joe Pesci's The Irishman Sunglasses A consistent part of Joe Pesci's portrayal of "The Old Man" Russell Bufalino in The Irishman is his glasses. He wears Retro Super Future's wayfarer-style Basic Shape silhouette as both clear eyeglasses and with a light gradient tint. As the latter has never been officially released, Eyegoodies took it upon ... Joe Pesci co-stars with Robert DeNiro in Martin Scorsese's gangster epic The Irishman next month after nearly ten years of retirement from making movies, reuniting one cinema's all-time iconic ... 31 juil. 2014 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Meff. Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. Jul 5, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Mickael. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Speaking of evasive, Cary Grant throws on these tortoiseshell sunglasses in the middle of North by Northwest as a cover (however insufficient) to keep him hidden while on the lam. His attempts to ... Make like an old-school mafia kingpin with these killer retro shades inspired by the 1960s-style frames worn by Joe Pesci as Russell Bufalino in The Irishman. Joe Pesci’s character was based on Lefty’s real-life gangster associate, Tony Spilotro. Read more about Frank Rosenthal. “Casino” is consistently listed as one of the best Las Vegas movies of all time. The worst? “Showgirls.” 2. The director of “Casino,” Martin Scorsese, said he didn’t expect the head-in-a-vice scene to make it into the movie. He included it because he ... Der spieler hat casino joe pesci sunglasses die wahl ob er diese gewinnlinien aktivieren oder deaktivieren mГ¶chte. Auch die art und dauer von auszahlungen wird von uns bewertet. Neben diesen gibt es aber auch live-games und arcadespiele. Somit kГ¶nnen sie jederzeit und Гјberall spielen. Die von uns getesteten und bewerteten games stammen Гјbrigens alle Blackjack online real money real ... Joe Pesci bore some natural resemblance to Tony "The Ant" Spilotro, upon whom his character was based. In make-up, he looked even more like Spilotro, so much so that, according to Pileggi, when Pesci entered the casino where the movie was being shot, some pit bosses who'd had personal dealings with Spilotro "almost fainted". Einzig roulette casino joe pesci sunglasses finden hier nur weniger als 10 spielvarianten vor. If you're still having trouble video poker jackpots september 2016, then simply disable the Wordfence advanced blocking and you will still benefit from the other security features that Wordfence provides. Important note for site admins: If you are the administrator of this website note that your ...

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Joe Pesci - Casino - YouTube

"Casino" is a 1995 American epic crime drama film directed by "Martin Scorsese" and starring "Robert De Niro, Joe Pesci & Sharon Stone".Casino was released o... Quote: Get this through your head you Jew motherfucker, you!Actor: Joe PesciMovie/Show: CasinoI do NOT own these clips. They are property of their respective... A scene from Casino please subscribe :) I do not own this video. It is for entertainment purposes only. Sensacional Joe pesci en casino enseñandole a un banquero su manera de funcionar Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Share your videos with friends, family, and the world Casino (1995)Syalis D.A.Légende EntreprisesDe Fina / CappaUniversal Pictures FB fan page 'Joe Pesci encabronado' (Joe Pesci pissed off): Nicky Santoro's gruesome death in Casino with House of the Rising Sun playing in the background. There is still some humor though: "Always the dollars, alway...